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Thank you

for your interest in sponsoring one of our retired school horses!

Sponsor-A-Horse Sponsorship Initiative E

With no event revenue at this time to cover ongoing expenses, the retired school horses and the

FLSS School Horse Retirement Program turn to you for additional support.

We are happy to announce a new way to help support our beloved retired horses through our 

Sponsorship Initiative



















Various sponsorship levels allow you to select a specific horse and an amount you would like to give towards their care.  All contributions—from a monthly support commitment to a one-time donation—are welcome and appreciated.  Every bit counts! 
​(Perhaps contribute the amount you would have spent attending one of our annual events, trail rides or hunter paces)

Don't forget to share your good work! 
​ After you’ve sponsored your horse, choose an image below to share on social media, and demonstrate your pride in partnering with our Sponsorship Initiative. 

All donations made to our Sponsorship Initiative and the School Horse Retirement Program go directly to the care of our retired horses and all donations are tax-deductible.

Please email with questions.

**If a sponsored horse should leave the program any remaining sponsorship funds will be evenly distributed amongst the remaining horses in the retirement program, and not all horses in the retirement program are currently part of the sponsorship program as adoptions are pending**

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