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Polly and Pat Wells Hunter Pace 19920001

For more than 50 years Lord Stirling Stable

has been a special place for so many people of all ages and multiple generations.  It has inspired, moved and educated people from all walks of life, in a way few other places can.  We want to ensure that the memories and stories of your time spent at the barn are recorded and remembered.  And would love to hear your amazing answers to the question:

"What does Lord Stirling Stable mean to you?"

Please share your positive memories, experiences, and what Lord Stirling means to you with us.  You can include your thoughts, photos, and artwork to help us record the wonderful history of our stable and all it’s meant to us.  

You may also email your submissions to

We want you to #BeHerd!


"Lord Stirling is a community at its core. The youngest riders look up to the older riders, and the staff supports everyone.

It is a place where everyone can belong"

—  Emma Folkart


Please share your positive memories, photos, artwork, and answer to what Lord Stirling Stable means to you below!

We are happy to allow people to remain anonymous when posting quotes and images. Please indicated below if you would rather remain anonymous
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